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UnIVersal Spray Tan

To book an appointment call or text Alexa directly at

607. 738. 2833

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UnIVersal Tan is the newest treatment InfusIVe IV Hydration and Wellness has to offer!


Self-Care is a huge part of our vision, and why we do what we do. We hope to help our community realize this is a healthy alternative to sun tanning, that will keep you and your skin healthy and thriving.

Bridal Packages

Customizable to Every IndIVidual

We work with the client to personalize every tanning experience to ensure we have provided a high quality airbrush tan. By offering a wide variety of shades and undertones you will be sure to love your new glow! Depending on the accuracy of skin prep, and following the pre-treatment recommendations, we believe that you can achieve your desired result in just one session. We have worked hard in creating a treatment that is truly UNIVERSAL, and perfect for everyone.


Our tanning technician Alexa will assist you in finding the perfect desired shade. Information from your consultation will be taken into consideration when choosing the shade for you.


  • The UnIVersal Tan: A customized full body spray tan that is personalized just for you. Leaving you anywhere from a sun-kissed glow to a radiant deep bronze. Your choice. (Card Price $42/ Cash Price $40)


  • The Quick Tan: In a rush? Don’t sweat it…literally. This is the perfect solution for someone on the go, and needs their spray tan to keep up with their busy schedule. This tan includes our luxury solution with a shorter developing time- between 2-6 hours.  (Card Price $60/ Cash Price $55)  

  • The Luxury Tan: Our luxury spray tan formula is packed full of tropical botanicals and skincare ingriendients that promotes intense skin moisture and nourishment, adding days to your spray tan. Our luxury tan also comes with a pre-hydration spray which adds extra moisture.  (Card Price $60/ Cash Price $55) 

  • Universal Bridal Bundle: The same solution that we use for the single session Universal Tan, is used for this bundle. This includes a trial Universal Tan as well as the one for your Wedding Day! (Card Price $75 / Cash Price $70)

  • Luxury/Quick Bridal Bundle: This bundle includes a trial Luxury or Quick Tan, as well as your Wedding Day tan! The same solution as the single-session Luxury Tans is used for this bundle. (Card Price $100 / Cash Price $90

  • Please Note: ALL bridal packages include extra consult time to ensure your wedding day glow is exactly what you have envisioned! If you are planning on booking more than 2 tans before your big day, a bundle of 3 is recommended! Your final tan should be booked 2-3 days before your wedding day.


  • For those serious spray tan lovers we offer two great bundles for some extra savings.   

    • UnIVersal Bundle of 3: Bundle of 3 (Card Price $105/ Cash Price $100)

    • The Quick Tan Bundle of 3: Bundle of 3 (Card Price $150/ Cash Price $140)

    • The Luxury Bundle of 3: Bundle of 3 (Card Price $150/ Cash Price $140)


  • Consult our technician for unique add-ons to enhance your new glow!

It is important to properly prepare your skin to be tanned. This will insure an even and long-lasting color.

  • Exfoliate your skin 1-2 days before your tan for best results and a longer lasting tan. (ALWAYS moisturize after exfoliating) 

  • Do NOT exfoliate or shave the day of your appointment.

  • Do NOT shave the day of your tan. Shaving or Waxing should be done at least 24hrs before your airbrush appointment.

  • Make sure that you schedule all personal services BEFORE your spray tan. (Waxing, facials, massage, manicures & pedicures.)

  • Hydrate your skin regularly - use a moisturizer that lacks in oil and fragrance for the best tan results. Hydrate your skin from the inside out by drinking lots of water in the days leading up to your appointment with us

  • Do NOT shower directly before your appointment.

  • DO NOT apply moisturizer the day of your airbrush session.

  • When taking your final shower before your appointment, avoid using a body wash / soap that leaves a film on the body. The more natural, the better.

  • Please avoid coming to your appointment with deodorant, perfumes, makeup, or any other products on the skin. This causes a barrier on your skin and can result in an uneven tan.

What To Wear

  • Wear loose fitting clothing (long sleeves if possible) to your appointment. Putting on tight clothing after your tan may cause streaking or discoloration.

After your spray, you will be given a list of recommendations to extend the life of your sunless tan. The way you care for your skin before and after your appointment is just as important as the spray itself!

To book an appointment call or text Alexa directly at

607. 738. 2833

Bundles of 3

Pre- Tan Instructions

We ALWAYS suggest you consult with your primary care provider regarding any medical issues you may be having. InfusIVe IV Hydration and Wellness focuses on wellness and symptomatic relief. We DO NOT diagnose, treat, prevent, and/or cure ANY illness or disease.

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