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Medical Weight Loss

We offer medical weight loss with the use of GLP-1 and combination GIP/GLP-1 medications. You might recognize them by the brand name Wegovy/Ozempic (generically named semaglutide) or Mounjaro (generically named tirzepatide). In studies, patients lost 15% of body weight with the use of a GLP-1 medication. In another trial, individuals on the highest dose of a combination GIP/GLP-1 medication lost 23% of their body weight.

What are GLP-1 and combination GIP/GLP-1 medications?

These medications have completely changed the game in weight loss treatment. GLP-1 and combination GIP/GLP-1 medications help regulate and improve the body’s weight loss factors - such as blood sugar response and insulin. By changing these factors, the gut will send signals to the brain to improve metabolic function, regulate digestion and appetite, helping patients feel fuller longer. This is a once-weekly injection, for chronic weight management in adults when used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.

Once you get started on the medication, we will slowly increase your dosage, ensuring your side effects are minimal. We offer both a monthly and three-month purchasing option at a discounted price. The price varies based on dose and medication.

Criteria for medical weight loss:


Individuals with the following medical conditions should not take GLP-1 and combination GIP/GLP-1 medications. 


Earn a $50 credit when you refer a friend!


Patients love to tell their family and friends about our treatments, especially our medical weight loss. Their success and belief in our medical weight loss is the best endorsements we could ever have. We created a referral program as a "thank you" to everyone who recommends our medical weight loss. You can receive a one time $50 credit for referring a friend, family member or co-worker who signs up for one month or more of our medical weight loss. 

How do I receive my credit?

It's simple. Tell your family and friends to mention your name during their 1-hour consultation.



We ALWAYS suggest you consult with your primary care provider regarding any medical issues you may be having. InfusIVe IV Hydration and Wellness focuses on wellness and symptomatic relief. We DO NOT diagnose, treat, prevent, and/or cure ANY illness or disease.

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